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Should nature have rights?

Conference in French

Thursday 8 November | 7 pm                

With Valérie Cabanes, Legal Expert.

With climate change already causing injustices and geopolitical tensions while the perpetrators go unpunished, there is an urgent need to call for new forms of accountability and solidarity and come up with a new meaning and framework for human activity within global limits. International law must metamorphose and become universalised around a new core value, the earth’s ecosystem, with recognition of a fifth international crime: ecocide.

Valérie Cabanes is an expert in international law, specialised in human rights. After two decades working for grassroots human rights NGOs, she is spokesperson for the End Ecocide on Earth movement. In 2015, she contributed to the Projet de Déclaration des Droits de l’Humanité (Draft Declaration of the Rights of Humanity), as well as two collective works, Crime climatique, stop ! and Des droits pour la nature.