The permanent collection

Habillage niveau

Extending over 3,000 m2, the permanent exhibition trail presents, through a collection made up of an infinite number of curiosities, the great story of the human adventure in four distinct exhibitions.

Origins, the stories of the world

All of us on the planet share the same questions on the origin of the world and our place in it.
The exhibition suggests to visitors that they set off in search of their origins along a trail combining two ways of seeing: that of the natural sciences which goes back through human time as far as the Big Bang and that of mythical stories presenting ethnographic objects.

Species, the network of life

The question of human identity, of the join between what has been called humanity and animality, is a universal preoccupation.
The exhibition questions the way in which human beings see the world, are integrated in it and contribute to modifying it. Through a network in which everything has its place and correspondence, the visitor is led to question himself about his place at the heart of the living world and his ability to influence his ecosystem.

Societies, the theatre of man

There is no humanity without encounter and exchange, without the challenge of the horizon and the desire to be elsewhere.
Set out like a theatre, the exhibition questions the ways in which society functions on the basis of three constants – organization, exchange and creation. The visitor constructs his own visit and strolls through objects coming from cultures and epochs which could never have met, but the bringing together of which makes sense and arouses curiosity.

Eternities, visions of the afterlife

What is the place of death in this day and age when its limits are constantly being pushed back?
The exhibition tackles the question of the afterlife and suggests to visitors that they focus their contemporary gazes on different cultural contexts and different civilizations and epochs (Amerindian, African, Ancient Egyptian, ancient Peru…).


photos © Quention Lafont, musée des Confluences